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Equipment lease calculator

Use our calculator to determine the approximate monthly payments to lease your equipment.

Using our calculator

Using our calculator

To calculate your approximate monthly payments, simply fill in the calculator fields : "Financed Amount" and "Desired term". Your estimated monthly lease payments will calculate automatically.

Financed Amount
Desired term
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Estimated Monthly Payment
Please insert a value between 2,500 and 1 million
Get the best financing options for your equipment

*Important information regarding the use of our calculator and the estimated lease monthly payment:

  1. "Financed amount" stands for the amount to be financed only and not necessarily the full value of the equipment. If you are putting a downpayment on the equipment you want to finance, deduct that amount from the equipment cost.
  2. Our equipment leasing calculator is based on a 10$ purchase option at the end of the term.
    Higher purchase options are available on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type of financed equipment.
  3. Shorter then 24 months term available depending on the equipment.
  4. 84 month term available on a case by case basis for new equipment.
  5. Skip payment available for seasonal businesses.
  6. This calculator is based on a leasing financing formula.
  7. This is a scenario generator. Rates may differ depending on your credit rating.
    Do not consider this as an offer, endorsement or confirmation of any kind.
  8. Taxes are not included and should be validated based on your province.

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FAQs about our equipment leasing calculator

What is an equipment lease calculator?

An equipment lease calculator is a tool that helps you estimate the monthly lease payment for a piece of equipment or machinery based on factors such as the cost of the equipment, and the length of the lease term. An equipment lease calculator can help you determine the affordability of leasing equipment and make informed decisions about which leasing option is the best fit for your budget and business needs.

Is Fincap's equipment lease calculator specific to Canada?

We are a Canadian company and our last calculator is specific to leasing formulas in Canada. It takes into account specific leasing factors unique to the Canadian market. Please note that our calculator and the estimates leasing monthly payment does not include taxes. We can accommodate the need of every Canadian in different cities including the major metropolitan areas such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa - as well as any city or province in the country.

Can I use an equipment lease calculator to estimate lease payments for any type of equipment?

You can use Fincap's equipment lease calculator to determine lease payments for various equipment, such as construction, transportation, forestry, medical, and agricultural equipment.