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What is Factoring?

This is a form of financing based on a company's accounts receivable. A buyer (Fincap) purchases a company's invoices and lends a percentage of the invoice to the seller (ABC Company) until the products or services are rendered.The seller simply sends the invoice with the purchase order and proof of delivery, and we finance the invoice.

Who can benefit from factoring?

Factoring is aimed at B2B companies (companies that do business with other companies), which are generally start-ups or fast-growing. We also take on certain cases involving corporate restructuring.

A few guidelines

No Financing for Future Invoices or WIP
We can finance invoices for products or services delivered only (we are unable to finance future invoices or work in progress).
Invoice Payment Terms: 0-90 Days
Invoice payment terms must be between 0 and 90 days. 
Required Supporting Documents for Invoices
The customer must be able to provide the supporting documents that come with invoices (copy of contract, PO, proof of delivery or service rendered, time sheet, etc.).
Sole Security: Accounts Receivable (Invoices)
The only security taken is on the asset financed, i.e. the accounts receivable (invoices).
Factoring: An Alternative to Bank Credit Lines
If the bank has a line of credit secured by accounts receivable, factoring can replace the line of credit as a source of working capital.
Under $50K Line of Credit: No Bank Receivables Security
If the customer has a line of credit of less than $50K, the bank generally has no security on the accounts receivable.
In Partnership with Banks: Active Line of Credit with Factoring
In some cases, we can also work in partnership with the bank and keep the line of credit active while maintaining a factoring file. 

Why factoring with Fincap?

We provide accounts receivable financing and management for many start-up and fast-growing companies. We finance receivables to support your company's working capital. You won't have to wait 30, 60 or even 90 days for payment. We'll advance you up to 97% of your invoice while you wait for your customers to pay.

Benefits of Factoring

Cash flow to support salary payments and new customer acquisition.
Flexible financing with no debt to repay.
Flexible financing with no debt to repay.
An experienced team.
Funds available on demand to keep supplier payments up to date.
We offer non-recourse programs (accounts receivable guarantee).
We take care of billing and collection from your customers.
We offer free access to our online portal 24/7.

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5 Easy Steps for Your Factoring Solution Needs

Unlocking Financial Potential: Streamline your path to success with our five easy steps tailored to meet your factoring solution needs. Discover financial freedom through seamless processes.

Customer sends us the completed application form and the required documents.
We are able to produce the financing offer within 24 to 48 working hours.
The customer returns the signed offer and the first invoices to be financed.
First disbursement.
Account access and the name of the account manager in charge of the file are sent.