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Finding the Best Equipment Leasing Companies in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

This guide provides insights into the Canadian equipment leasing market and how to choose the right leasing company.
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New or used equipment can be a significant financial burden for small and medium-sized businesses. Fortunately, equipment leasing can be a godsend, enabling businesses to leverage the latest equipment without incurring exorbitant upfront expenses. Canada boasts several equipment leasing companies that cater to diverse industry needs. But how do you select the most suitable one for your business? This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the equipment financing process by providing insights into the Canadian equipment leasing market, comprehending lease terms, and choosing the right leasing company.

The Landscape of Equipment Leasing Companies in Canada

The leasing market in Canada is strong and varied, serving different sectors like construction, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing and IT. More businesses are realizing the advantages of leasing equipment instead of buying it outright, which is driving growth in the market. With leasing, companies can keep their cash reserves for other vital areas while still having access to the latest equipment to stay competitive. Furthermore, the tax benefits for equipment leasing also contribute to its popularity.

Types of Equipment Leasing Companies in Canada

In Canada, there are three primary types of equipment leasing finance companies:

  1. Banks. Numerous financial institutions provide equipment leasing services, although Banks usually have stricter eligibility criteria.
  2. Independent Leasing Companies. Some companies specialize in equipment leasing. They offer more variety and flexibility than banks, making them a suitable option for businesses with specific requirements or lower credit scores.
  3. Manufacturer Leasing Companies. If you have a specific equipment model in mind, you may find it convenient to lease directly from the manufacturer.

While banks and manufacturers offer leasing services, independent equipment leasing companies, like Fincap, focus solely on this area. This specialization gives them unique advantages that can greatly benefit businesses. If you're looking for a leasing partner, here are some reasons why an independent leasing company may be the best choice for your business needs and circumstances.

  1. Specialized Knowledge. Leasing companies that work independently have a thorough understanding of the leasing process. This enables them to give personalized technical advice that suits your business requirements. They stay updated with the latest market trends and can assist you in making informed leasing decisions.
  2. Flexible Terms. Working with independent leasing companies gives you more flexibility with the leasing terms. For instance, at Fincap, we can create leasing agreements that fit your financial and equipment requirements. This means you can have more control over lease duration, payment frequency, and end-of-lease options.
  3. Credit Considerations. If your business has a credit score that is not ideal, consider independent leasing companies. These companies tend to consider your overall financial situation instead of just your credit score, which allows for more flexibility in credit requirements.
  4. Wide Equipment Variety. Independent leasing companies offer a more comprehensive range of equipment options than manufacturers who only lease their products. This is because they are not limited to specific brands or types of equipment, giving you more choices that can better suit your needs.
  5. Prompt Decision Making. Independent brokers are often more agile and can make quicker decisions about lease applications. This results in a faster turnaround time, which allows your business to obtain the necessary equipment immediately.
  6. Customer Service. Leasing companies that operate independently value their customer relationships and strive to offer personalized service during the leasing process. This often means that you can communicate directly with decision-makers, which can result in more effective problem-solving and communication.

How to Start Your Search

Setting Your Criteria

When searching for an equipment leasing company, determine your needs, budget, preferred lease term, and customer service expectations. Your credit standing may also play a role in finding a compatible leasing company.

Considerations for Different Industries

The equipment leasing requirements can differ significantly depending on the industry. What may be suitable for a healthcare provider may vary for a construction company. Therefore, finding leasing firms that cater to your industry's specific needs is crucial. Certain companies specialize in leasing particular types of equipment, such as medical equipment, heavy machinery, fleet vehicles, or IT hardware. Collaborating with a leasing corporation, like Fincap, that knows your industry can make the leasing process more straightforward and productive.

Using Online Resources

After determining your criteria, the next step is to begin your search. The internet is an excellent resource, as many leasing companies have detailed website information about their offerings. You can also use online equipment lease calculators (such as Fincap's) to estimate your monthly lease payments by inputting equipment cost and lease duration details. This will give you a preliminary understanding of the potential financial commitment involved. 

Key Factors to Consider in a Leasing Company

When choosing an equipment leasing company, looking beyond its capability to supply the required equipment is crucial. To guarantee a smooth and satisfactory leasing process, it's essential to factor in other important aspects.

Reputation and Experience

When choosing a leasing company, it's important to consider their reputation and experience. Look into their history and track record within the industry. A company with a strong reputation and extensive experience will likely offer excellent service, quick support, and knowledgeable guidance. Look for companies with decades of experience, such as Fincap.

Financial Stability

When selecting a commercial leasing company, confirming its financial stability is crucial. It would be discouraging to sign a leasing agreement and discover that the company is going under during the lease term. You can learn about a company's financial stability by checking credit rating agencies, financial news, or annual reports.

The flexibility of Leasing Terms

To ensure your business's leasing needs are met, finding a leasing company that can customize its services to suit your unique requirements is essential. Look for companies that offer flexible lease terms, including options for lease duration, end-of-lease arrangements, and payment schedules that align with your business's cash flow and operational needs. 

Essential Questions to Ask a Potential Leasing Company

When evaluating a leasing company, it's crucial to ask the appropriate questions to determine if they fit your needs well. By doing so, you can make an informed decision.

About the Company

  • How long have you been in the equipment leasing business?
  • What types of businesses or industries do you typically work with?
  • Can you provide references from previous clients?
  • What differentiates you from other leasing companies?

About the Lease Terms

  • What are the lease term options?
  • What are the end-of-lease options (e.g., return, buyout, renew)?
  • Are there any penalties for early termination of the lease?
  • Are there any additional fees or hidden costs associated with the lease?

After-Lease Support and Services

  • What kind of support can I expect during the lease term?
  • Can you help with equipment installation and setup?
  • What happens if the equipment breaks down or doesn't meet my business needs?

You can learn much about the leasing company and its services by asking these critical questions. This will help you determine if they fit your business needs well, resulting in a positive and efficient equipment leasing process.

Conclusion: Summing Up Your Journey

Finding the right equipment leasing company in Canada involves:

  • Understanding your needs.
  • Assessing potential leasing companies.
  • Comparing lease terms.
  • Navigating the approval process.

Making informed decisions about equipment leasing and financing requires careful consideration and thorough research. Keeping up with future trends in this field can improve the effectiveness of your leasing choices.

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