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With our extensive experience, we have gained a unique expertise in all kinds of equipment that allows us to understand and fulfill your specific needs.

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Financing Garage And Automotive Equipments

Are you looking for financing for new or used garage or automotive equipment ? Fincap is your ideal partner. We specialize in putting companies and individuals in touch with reputable lenders, ensuring fast and appropriate financing.

With a dedicated team and industry expertise, we offer you the best financial options available. Whether you need garage equipment purchase, lease, or sale, we're here to guide you. Working with an extensive network of more than 25 lenders and financial partners across Canada, we offer sound advice and attractive financing rates.

Find out how we can help you access the garage and automotive equipment you need to run your business.

Why Choose Leasing?

The acquisition of automotive equipment, whether new or used, represents a substantial investment. With our financing solutions, you lease and use the equipment with the option of owning it long-term.

This approach brings adaptability and economic benefits. It's ideal for those looking for flexible terms and various payment options.

Don't wait any longer!

Discover our leasing options and give your business the boost it needs to excel in the automotive sector.

The Major Advantages Of Leasing For Garage Equipment Financing

Leasing garage equipment offers many advantages for your company. And with Fincap, you're guaranteed a flexible, customized solution. 

Here's why:

Preservation of borrowing capacity

Unlike a conventional loan, leasing does not reduce your bank borrowing capacity. So, you keep your financial reserves intact for other investment opportunities.

Tax benefits

Payments made are 100% tax deductible. As a rental expense, this mechanism offers a considerable tax advantage for your company.


We value your time. We are committed to processing your leasing request efficiently, with approval times often under 48 working hours.

Optimized tax management

When you purchase your equipment, our financial partners take over payment of the sales tax. This way, instead of paying it all at once, you spread the cost over the contract's life.

Flexibility and adaptability

Depending on your needs, you can choose to finance various equipment and tools, both new and used. What's more, this option ensures that your garage is always up-to-date.

Purchase option

Once the contract has expired, leasing allows you to buy back the equipment at a pre-defined value. 

This flexibility ensures that your company becomes the equipment owner without having to make a substantial investment from the outset.

What types of automotive equipment can be financed through leasing?

Thanks to the services offered by Fincap, you have access to a wide range of garage and automotive equipment.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what we can finance for you:

  • Alignment equipment: Essential for safe, efficient driving.
  • Automotive body saw: Enables precise intervention during repairs.
  • Chargers: For vehicle energy management, especially for electric and hybrid versions.
  • Diagnostic equipment: For fast, accurate vehicle analysis, facilitating quality maintenance.
  • Jacks: Used to lift and handle vehicles in complete safety.
  • Lifting systems and scales: To optimize workspace and facilitate operations.
  • Paint booths: Essential for quality finishes while respecting environmental standards.
  • Panel cutters: For clean cuts when repairing or modifying panels.
  • Bending machines: Ideal for working on vehicle pipes and metal structures.
  • Wheel-maintenance devices: To guarantee the longevity and performance of your wheels and ensure optimum driving for your customers.

Why Choose Fincap To Finance Your Equipment?

With many years of experience in financing garage and automotive equipment, we have solutions tailored to each customer's needs.

What's more, we don't limit ourselves to standard equipment. Whether you're looking to finance machinery from an individual's private sale or equipment listed at an industrial dealership, we're here to support you.

Thanks to our extensive network of 25 lenders across Canada, our team can tailor financing to your needs. Our mission is clear: to respond optimally to every financial situation.

We have customized Leasing solutions for your Automotive Equipment

If you're looking for the right formula for your automotive equipment, fill in the online form directly. We are committed to finding the ideal contract for your business. Take advantage of this opportunity to optimize your workshop or garage.