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With our extensive experience, we have gained a unique expertise in all kinds of equipment that allows us to understand and fulfill your specific needs.

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Financing Medical Equipments

Fincap's leasing service is an ideal way to maximize medical operations and keep costs down for those who need regular access to healthcare technology. Enjoy long-term savings with this cost-effective alternative !

With access to more than 25 financial institutions and lenders across Canada, we're ready to help you make informed decisions to help you purchase new or used medical equipment. We provide competitive rates and advice tailored specifically for your particular needs - ensuring the best solution possible!

Why finance medical equipment through leasing?

Leasing offers clinics the perfect combination of financial flexibility and long-term investment benefits. Enjoy flexible payments, tax advantages, and an agreed price without having to make a large initial payment.

What types of medical equipment can be financed through leasing?

We can finance a wide range of medical equipment for clinics and healthcare facilities. For example:

  • Blood analysis equipment
  • Chiropractic equipment
  • CT systems
  • Fingerprint systems
  • Lasers
  • Optometry equipment
  • Scanners
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Ultrasonic generators
  • Wireless Medical Equipment
  • Veterinary equipment
  • Radiology equipment

Why choose Fincap to finance your medical equipment?

With decades of experience in healthcare and medical equipment leasing, we understand the nuances of the industry inside and out. This knowledge gives us an invaluable edge when working with our clients to help them succeed by meeting their unique needs.

With our extensive network of over 25 lenders across Canada, we can provide the perfect customized financing solution tailored to your unique needs. Experience the freedom and flexibility that comes with working as an independent broker!

Make leasing medical equipment easy - cut out the hassle and time-consuming research by contacting us now or applying online. We'll tailor a lease best suited to what your clinic needs, helping you find the ideal solution without delay!

We have customized Leasing solutions for your Medical Equipment

If you're looking to find the perfect lease solution for your medical equipment, why wait? Contact us now or apply online, and we'll help you create a financing agreement that fits exactly what your business needs. Don't wait - let's get started today!