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With our extensive experience, we have gained a unique expertise in all kinds of equipment that allows us to understand and fulfill your specific needs.

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Financing Construction Equipment

When it comes to construction equipment financing, Fincap is a major player in Canada. In a constantly evolving industry, having the right work tools is an essential competitive lever.Given the high cost of construction equipment, leasing is a popular financing option.Thanks to our expertise and constant innovation, you get tailor-made solutions to meet your challenges.

Fincap : Expert in Construction Equipment Financing

Our expertise ? Bridging the gap between businesses, individuals and the best lenders in the construction equipment financing industry.

Whether you want looking to finance new or used equipment, we're here to guide you.

With a dedicated team of experts, we accompany our customers step by step, guaranteeing advantageous financial options and attractive rates.

Our strength lies in our relationships with the financial community. With a vast network of over 25 lenders and collaborators across Canada, we offer financing solutions aligned with your reality.

Understanding Leasing in Construction Equipment Financing

Leasing is a financial arrangement that combines the benefits of rental with those of potential acquisition.

With this arrangement, the company rents equipment while having the option of purchasing it at a fixed price at the end of the contract. 

What's more, this option is particularly flexible for companies. In fact, it gives access to innovative technologies while avoiding costly initial investment.

Why Choose to lease To Finance Construction Equipment?

Financial Flexibility For Construction Companies

Preserved capital : This financing method enables companies to retain their initial financial resources. This preserved capital can be redirected to other investments or business opportunities.

Flexible payment schedule : You adapt the payment structure to suit your needs.  It can be monthly, quarterly or annual. 

Optimized cash flow: : Leasing allows you to spread equipment cost over several months or years, facilitating more balanced financial management.

Technology and Renewal For Businesses in Canada

Adaptability and innovation : You can replace your equipment regularly, ensuring your business has continuous access to the latest technological innovations.

Economic Benefits for SMEs

Tax relief : You can reduce your tax bill with leasing options. What's more, our financial solutions are designed to support business growth. 

Rapid amortization : With our loans, you quickly recoup the costs associated with equipment purchases. 

Simplified maintenance : Some of our contracts provide for maintenance services to be paid for by us.

Reactivity and Adaptation for Entrepreneurs

Responsive supply : With our solutions, you can quickly obtain the equipment you need for your construction projects. 

Seasonal flexibility : Equipment rental is the perfect answer to seasonal business needs. It allows you to use equipment when needed just when you need it, optimizing your costs.

Strategy and Positioning for Growth

Easy acquisition : At the end of your contract, you benefit from advantageous purchase options for your equipment.

Clear financial forecast : With our services, you can anticipate costs and plans development projects. 

Please get in touch with us to learn more about our financing solutions for the construction industry. Our customer service team is here to help you.

Your Equipment Financing Solution With Fincap

Leasing gives you access to a wide range of equipment.

  • Compactors, to optimize site preparation.
  • Cranes, essential for lifting and moving heavy loads.
  • Hoists and lifting systems, for safe handling.
  • Demolition equipment for efficient deconstruction.
  • Graders and excavators, indispensable for earthworks.
  • Hydraulic equipment, for optimum performance on your worksites.
  • Mixers, to ensure the quality of your infrastructure.
  • Scaffolding, for safe work at height.
  • Stitch-joining units and differential welders, for robust assemblies.
  • Loaders for impeccable logistics.

This list is just a sample of what we have to offer !

With our financing solutions, you preserve your capital while benefiting from the latest innovations in the industry. Contact us to explore options tailored to your financial and material needs.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Is leasing more expensive than a traditional loan?

It depends. Monthly lease payments can be higher than a traditional loan. However, leasing offers tax advantages and allows you to renew your equipment on a regular basis.

Are there any tax advantages to leasing?

Yes, in many cases, leasing payments can be deducted as operating expenses, thus reducing the tax burden. 

However, it is essential to consult a chartered accountant or tax specialist to fully understand the tax implications for your business.

What happens at the end of a leasing contract?

At the end of a leasing contract, you generally have the choice of returning the equipment, buying it back at an agreed price, or sometimes renewing the contract for new equipment.

Can I terminate a leasing contract early?

Most leasing contracts have specific clauses concerning early termination. Indeed, there may be penalties or associated costs. 

You should also read your contract carefully, or consult your leasing supplier, before making any decisions.

Does leasing cover equipment maintenance ?

This depends on the terms of the contract. Some leasing contracts include maintenance services, while others require the company to take charge of maintenance.

Access Our Services Simply

Our mission is to facilitate your access to construction equipment when needed. To this end, we offer financing terms tailored to your constraints and ambitions. Our process is fast and involves only 3 steps. First, select the equipment best suited to your budgetary constraints and business requirements. Whether you opt for a machine sold by a private individual or listed by a professional, we're here to help you make the right choice. Then, complete our online inquiry form. Once completed, our team will review your request within 24 hours. That's all there is to it! Some offers have a limited duration. But we're very careful. Count on a response from us within 24 to 48 working hours.