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With our extensive experience, we have gained a unique expertise in all kinds of equipment that allows us to understand and fulfill your specific needs.

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Farm Equipment Financing

Farm equipment financing is a great way for farmers to reduce costs and invest in business development. At Fincap, we provide a leasing service that helps farmers reduce operating costs while ensuring access to the right equipment. This approach promotes farm optimization, management, and productivity.

Are you looking for financing options for your agricultural equipment? Look no further than Fincap! We understand that flexibility is crucial when it comes to developing your farming business, and we provide you with the necessary flexibility to make the most of your opportunities.

With us, you can choose between new and used equipment without any obligation to buy it immediately. We work with over 25 lenders and financial partners across Quebec and Canada, ensuring that we can offer you the best advice and most advantageous rates tailored to your needs, whether for the short or long term.

What sets us apart is our expertise and personalized advice tailored to the dynamics of the agricultural industry. This is what ensures competitive rates that are perfectly aligned with your agricultural development projects.

At Fincap, we pride ourselves on providing attentive and responsive customer service. We support you at every stage of your financial journey, so you can trust us to be there for you every step of the way!

Why Lease Farming Equipment?

If you're looking for an adaptable financing method with tax benefits and diverse payment options, leasing might be the perfect solution for you!

It is a great alternative to long-term financing, especially for companies and farmers who wish to purchase new or used agricultural equipment. This method allows you to buy farm equipment without a heavy initial investment, which can be a financial burden.

Moreover, leasing payments can be deducted as operating expenses and reduced from your company's income tax liability, making leasing an attractive option for farmers who want to optimize their tax situation while investing in equipment.

‍What Type Of Agricultural Equipment Can Be Financed?

We can finance a wide range of equipment for the agricultural industry. For example:

Forage baler: This tool compacts hay and straw, simplifying transport and storage. Also known as a baler or baler-picker, this equipment is a practical, time-saving solution.

Harvesting equipment: Various machines, such as combines, are essential for harvesting cereals or pulses. This agricultural equipment performs several operations, such as cutting, threshing and separating the straw from the grain, and cleaning up immediately after harvesting.

Plough: Used mainly for ploughing, the plough prepares the soil for sowing.

Steel structure: Opting for a steel structure as an agricultural tool offers advantages such as durability and rapid installation. This option is particularly suited to constructing large storage or work areas.

Grain bin: A grain bin is an agricultural tool that can reduce storage costs and increase production autonomy. It is ideal for improving harvest logistics.

Watering machine: Known as an irrigation system, this machine supplies water to crops during drought.

Seeding equipment: Seeding equipment facilitates the uniform and organized planting of seeds, helping to prepare the harvest.

Tractors: Tractors pull farm equipment such as ploughs and seeders. 

Grain handling equipment: Tools such as belt conveyors and bucket elevators facilitate grain transport. In addition, augers, also financed by our services, help with sorting and storage. Investing in this type of machinery reduces manual effort and improves efficiency in crop management.

Livestock equipment: Whether it's feeders, troughs or ventilation systems, this equipment contributes to a healthy environment and animal well-being.  

Sprayers: These tools help to disperse powdered or liquid products on crops, contributing to the quality of harvested produce.

Why Choose Fincap To Finance Your Farm Equipment In Quebec And Canada?

At Fincap, personalized service is important in financing farm equipment. That's why we offer our finance with an expert approach tailored to meet the specific needs of each farm business. By doing so, we identify development opportunities to help our customers grow.

Our extensive network of over 25 lenders across Canada, including Quebec, enables us to provide tailor-made financing solutions. As a trusted independent broker, we take great pride in our commitment to providing excellent customer service.

If you're looking for a customized financing plan for your operation, look no further. Our team is ready to assist you, whether you prefer to contact us online or by phone. We'll create a leasing contract that meets your specific requirements and helps you achieve your goals.

Lease vs Loan: Advantages and Disadvantages


Key benefits

Flexibility: Leasing lets you acquire equipment without the constraints of an up-front investment.

Tax benefits: Leasing payments are deductible as operating expenses, reducing the company's income tax.

Access to state-of-the-art equipment: Leasing facilitates new or used equipment without a long-term commitment.


Total cost: Leasing can be more expensive than outright purchase over time.

No ownership: At the end of the leasing contract, the leased equipment does not belong to the company unless a purchase option is exercised.

Contractual restrictions: Leasing may include restrictive clauses like mileage or wear-and-tear limits.


Key benefits

Ownership: Loans enable the immediate acquisition of equipment, which becomes company property.

Financing flexibility: Loans offer a wider range of rates and repayment terms.

Residual value: Equipment can be resold or used as collateral for other loans.


Initial investment: A loan often requires a substantial initial contribution.

Financial burden: Loan repayments impact the cash flow and the company's balance sheet.

Obsolescence: The company assumes the risk of obsolescence of the equipment purchased.

In short, when it comes to acquiring equipment, there are two main options to consider: leasing and taking out a loan. Leasing is an excellent choice if you need flexibility and want to avoid a large initial investment. You can enjoy tax advantages and don't have to worry about equipment obsolescence. However, it's important to remember that leasing can be more expensive in the long run, and you won't own the equipment.

On the other hand, taking out a loan allows you to own the equipment immediately, giving you the freedom to sell it whenever you choose. While purchasing it requires an initial investment, it's worth noting that owning the equipment outright can bring peace of mind. But, there's always a risk of the equipment becoming outdated, which can be a drawback.

Whether you choose to lease or take out a loan for equipment acquisition depends on your specific needs. Make sure to weigh each option's pros and cons carefully before deciding.

We have customized leasing solutions for your farm equipment

Are you struggling to find a leasing solution for your farm equipment? Wait no more! Our team is here to help you work out a financing agreement that meets the unique needs of your farm business. Don't let financial constraints hold you back from growing your business. Take action now by contacting us or applying online. With our tailored financing agreement, you can simplify your farm equipment management and focus on expanding your business.