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With our extensive experience, we have gained a unique expertise in all kinds of equipment that allows us to understand and fulfill your specific needs.

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Lease Financing For Transport Equipment

Are you planning to take your business to new horizons ? Consider leasing transportation equipment. With the latest equipment, you can meet your customers' expectations and optimize your performance. However, investing in such equipment represents a major cost. Fincap is there to support you, offering financial solutions tailored to your vision and ambitions.

Fincap's Unique Offer for Transport Equipment Financing

Tailor-made financial services for every company

Every company has specific transportation needs. With expert resource management, we ensure optimal financing, facilitating the equipment acquisition. 

In Canada's vast leasing sector, Fincap stands out for its personalized approach, rapid response and network of dedicated experts.

Optimize Financing With Our Resource Management Experts

At Fincap, we combine industry knowledge with rigorous resource management

Whether you're a growing start-up or an established company, we have the right financing solution for you. 

In fact, thanks to our extensive network of over 25 lenders and institutions across Canada, we're able to offer you the partner and rates that are right for you.

What's more, we're committed to actively contributing to your company's growth and success.

How Fincap Stands Out In the Canadian Leasing Industry

Fincap is not just another player in the Canadian leasing landscape. Our approach is based on a combination of expertise, personalization and strategic partnerships.

In-depth expertise : Our team has years of combined experience, giving us a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of the Canadian market. 

This expertise enables us to offer precise, advantageous solutions for our customers.

Personalized service : Instead of offering generic packages, we listen, analyze and propose customized solutions that meet your exact needs.

Strategic partnerships : Our network of more than 25 partner lenders across Canada is a testament to our commitment to offering diversified options. 

Integrity and transparency : We build a relationship of trust with you. With the utmost transparency, we ensure that every decision we make is in your best interests.

Advantages of leasing to finance transport equipment

Leasing is an effective strategy for optimizing company investments over the long term.

This solution guarantees the flexibility you need to renew your fleet on a regular basis.

When it comes to financing transport equipment, leasing is the alternative of choice. There are many reasons for this.

Financial flexibility : Leasing preserves your company's cash flow. What's more, it avoids the need for substantial initial investment. And for good reason: staggered payments guarantee better budget management.

Access to modern equipment : Companies have access to the latest transport innovations without having to commit to a definitive purchase. What's more, it keeps them competitive and efficient.

Renewal options : At the end of the contract, you can return the equipment, buy it back at a preferential price, or choose new equipment via a new contract.

Protection against obsolescence : Rapidly evolving technologies make some equipment obsolete. With leasing, companies avoid losses due to this depreciation.

Administrative simplicity : Leasing reduces the administrative constraints associated with equipment ownership, such as taxes and insurance.

Tax advantages : Leasing payments are deductible as operating expenses, bringing tax benefits.

Adaptability to needs : Companies can tailor the contract terms to their requirements, whether in terms of duration or payment terms.

A Wide Range Of Transport Equipment And Infrastructure Financed By Fincap

Whether you're at the dawn of a new entrepreneurial adventure or looking to strengthen your presence in the transport market, Fincap is the partner of choice. 

Do you have a specific project in mind, or would you like to explore the various possibilities for your company ? 

Through our services, we can guide you towards the transport equipment best suited to your industry, and in line with your ambitions.

Our commitment ? To offer a solution tailored to each company's needs, and to support it as it grows.

Here's an overview of the equipment we finance :

  • Forestry trucks
  • Tractor units
  • Dump trucks
  • Service and cube trucks
  • Tilt frame trucks
  • Trailers
  • Pickup trucks

Whether your needs are highly sector-specific or more generalized, Fincap has the right solution for you.

Ready to take action ? We have customized leasing solutions for your transportation equipment

Ready to make your project a reality ? We offer leasing services tailored to your transportation equipment needs.Our team, with its expertise in loans and financing, is committed to providing you with a customized offer, precisely tailored to your company's activities and expectations.