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With our extensive experience, we have gained a unique expertise in all kinds of equipment that allows us to understand and fulfill your specific needs.

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Financing Trailers

Regarding  financing trailer, our solid experience in the trailer, transport and commercial vehicle industry sets us apart. This expertise gives us an intrinsic understanding of your specific needs and the possibilities available. Moreover, our knowledge of the equipment required for each type of operation strengthens our ability to advise our customers appropriately. Thanks to our extensive services and partnerships, we stand out for the quality of our service, always striving to offer tailor-made, efficient solutions.

If you want to optimize your delivery and shipping processes with a trailer, consider Fincap's leasing service! It's an exceptional solution for companies that use trailers on a regular or semi-regular basis, offering savings over the long term. Don't worry if you're new to leasing: we're here to guide you.

When you work with Fincap, you avoid buying a new or used trailer. And with good reason: we offer you a financing solution without long-term commitment.

We're committed to helping you make the most informed decisions possible. That's why we partner with over 25 lenders and financial institutions across Canada. If you're ready, start with a financing application that gives you access to competitive rates and advice tailored to your needs.

Let us guide you through the process - we'd love to !

The services we offer are widely used and appreciated in the industry.

Why Lease A Trailer ?

For companies looking for a flexible financing solution, especially for new or used trailers. If you're looking for a long-term commitment to your business without the initial investment of a direct purchase, this is the ideal formula. 

With this type of financing, you benefit from tax advantages, flexible payments and the opportunity to use the trailers without a deposit. At the end of the process, you can also own the trailer at a defined cost spread over time.

Specific advantages of lease financing :

  • Tax aspects : Tax benefits are treated as an expense, making the lease payments tax-deductible.
  • Simplified process : Implementation is quick and discreet need for detailed financial statements or bank statements.
  • Financial health is intact : Treated as a lease, this option won't upset your debt ratios or impact your credit report.
  • Preserved borrowing capacity : Your borrowing capacity with your bank remains unchanged, leaving the door open to other specific financing.
  • Safeguarded liquidity : Leasing means you don't tie up large sums, freeing up funds for other strategic investments.
  • Payment synchronized with profits : Offset the equipment cost as it becomes profitable.
  • Easy access : Our offer can be accessed online or directly in our branches. Simply fill in some information on our simple and efficient application form to get started.

What Types Of Trailers Can Be Financed By Leasing ?

There are many types of trailers to choose from :

  • Overhead
  • Closed
  • Flat bed
  • Tractor trailer
  • Livestock trailers
  • General utility trailers
  • Forestry trailer

Why Choose Fincap To Finance Your Trailers ?

Our long track record in trailer leasing has given us an in-depth view of this sector. This positions us ideally to identify our customers' needs and opportunities.

As an independent broker, we can work with over 25 lenders across Canada. This advantage enables us to find the financing that best suits your needs because our relationship and commitment to you come first.

We have customized Leasing solutions for your Trailer Equipment

If you'd like to find the ideal lease for your trailer, don't wait. Contact us now, or apply online, and we'll help you create an optimal contract that meets your business needs. Don't wait - get started today !